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The most notable missing items are the lateral adjustment lever, the recessed adjuster knob and the frog adjustment screw.

Therefore, as these features were added to the bench plane line, the No.

” I am intrigued by this question and have been collecting uses for this tiny bench plane for years.

My list of documented uses now numbers eight and continues to grow slowly.

The plane’s narrow width and upright profile make it ideal for this type of work.

The work of the house carpenter was often outside in the cold and always demanded a strong grip. The higher profile of the plane (compared to a low-slung block plane) offered more meat to grip and did not require that the hand close as tightly. 1 often became a necessary replacement for his block plane.

1 away in the corner of his box just because it was cute.

Much confusion exists in determining the exact age of a Stanley No. In general, it is accurate to say the plane follows the types as defined in Roger Smith’s type study in “Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes in America 1827-1927.” However, production differences and missing types do exist and need to be allowed for. 1 was not equipped with all the features offered on larger planes.

1 bench plane in a traditional manner is young trade school students. Now, they’re highly sought after at auction where good examples can fetch thousands of dollars.

However, the quality construction and small size would certainly make the small plane a convenient sales tool.

One story is of a Stanley salesperson who did a number of trade shows carrying a Stanley No. The plane was attached to a chain hooked to his belt.

Bailey, Stanley Rule & Level Co., Ohio Tool Co., Union Manufacturing Co. The little planes were all more or less 5“-wide cutters. was the only company to offer a version with a corrugated sole.

In addition to Stanley’s regular production, Stanley also made a “Liberty Bell” model in the 1870s and the “Defiance” model in the 1927 to 1929 period. Stanley was a successful company and the reason it manufactured the No. Sales may have not been in the millions but were clearly adequate enough to keep this jewel in the pages of the catalogs for years.

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