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Okay, it’s time to have an open and frank discussion about the battle of the sexes and the dating game.It’s far too complex, scary and difficult for mere mortals – so let’s bridge the gap by asking both men and women what doesn’t work when it comes to online dating Dating has gone digital.He also stated that he has a contract to work in Nigeria (yeah ok) I asked him if he spoke or understood Italian he said yes but when i busted out my Italian (which he didnt expect) he had no idea the basic simple question i asked in Italian. An "engineer" from a foreign university (from Frankfurt, German). There are a lot of patterns to the scam profiles which, in addition to the strange English, makes them easy to spot. I connected with a guy who said his name was Ramos Taylor, an Orthopedic doctor that lived in Downtown Los Angeles. Gustavo has a Twitter and Instagram account and practically post pics of himself and gives out nutritional/health advice on a daily basis. I've recently found a few profiles that looked like one of the founders. I alerted customer service and they acknowledged that they were fake. He's a "widower" with an 8 year old son and is moving to San Jose (semi-near me) to open a branch. I have not encountered fake profiles like some appear to have, but the concept is utterly horrible. I googled his pictures and it belonged to a doctor in Sao Paolo, Brazil name Dr. I am so sick of these fake profiles--I've lost count of the number of fake profiles that have crossed my path--that I automatically do Google research on every guy that I correspond with. What's intriguing to me is that of all people..would or how would they let fake profiles of one of their founders be trolling around unless it was done intentionally.

He is a good looking Korean (speaks native English) and would send you photos and videos with his dog Teddy.In the end he had an emergency and asked to borrow 700 pounds to pay for his mom hospital bill. lol I joined this site in hopes of meeting people that like me have no time for the real socializing that it takes to meet someone!I said no and he kept messaging and sent me a photo of the bill. I just started using Coffee Meets Bagel a few weeks ago, and I've been such high quality med who are serious and actually want a long term serious relationship. Many of the profile pics seemed like stock photos and there was no one anywhere near where I lived and I lived in a very big city of Canada. I believe in actual communication and will not endure endless texting.I told him UK hospital treatment is free and his bill is not in pounds. It's so exciting to meet such nice men, I've tried other apps and it was not the same caliber of people, I am so pleased so far! :) This is a really weird dating app in my experience. First off I am confident that many of their man traps are not even in the United States I won't say how I know but be leery because there are many tell tale signs!Many of the profiles are written in a way that give clues to and only if you pay attention will you quickly discover there is a pattern.

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