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It marked only the second time, after the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie, that an official Doctor Who-related production was not based in Great Britain.

The new design of K9 was to be unveiled at a convention in 2013 however this never came to fruition and only vague reassurances about the progress of the second season came from Baker & Tams in 2014.

The Essential Book of K9 was then released in 2015 including a trilogy of short stories about the further adventures of K9 Mark 2, set long after the end of this television series and distancing him completely from it.

A comic story was also included which finally revealed the new design of K9.

This all implied a reboot of sorts and these implications were confirmed just months later by announcements of a feature cinematic film entitled K9: Timequake due for release in 2017 to commemorate K9's fortieth anniversary.

Bob Baker and Paul Tams have apparently abandoned any hopes for a second season and decided for a clean break with an entirely new series called K9 Adventures, using Timequake as a tentative 'pilot'.

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