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Her long crimson hair which comes down to her hips makes her surrounding look like it’s coloured in crimson as well when the wind blows her hair. I'm so fascinated by her that I always stop what I'm doing every time I see her. I wonder what three boys who are all glum while watching porn look like? While thinking about it, the last film ends and it is already dark outside. I already told my parents that I’m at Matsuda’s place, but they will worry about me if I stay here any longer and I will also be late for school tomorrow. After I said that, all of us stood up and got ready to pack up. The wind gently blows her crimson hair while every student in this school watches her. I was also fascinated by her beauty and noble atmosphere. That was my first time getting mugged by a girl……”, so even I was about to cry after hearing that. I feel like hating this world after thinking that there are guys of my age who are having sex with a girl right now. The guy who is releasing a perverted atmosphere starts to walk towards me.

It’s that feeling you get when someone who is more superior to you is standing in front of you…… At the end of the dream, there was a person with crimson hair who spoke to me. While I'm comparing her with the person from my dream, she is already out of my sight. ” I’m hugging Matsuda who can’t stop crying while all of us are watching the last video for our porno DVD marathon. No no, it isn't weird if crazy people like him talk nonsense.

Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest chapter next time when you visit No, it’s an average speed for a high school student, but there's a huge difference when comparing my night-self and my day-self. It might sound like a phrase coming from a weird person saying it like this, but the feeling I have at night of being unleashed and the excitement I have is changing me into a different person. And so, that was my mission when I first entered this school. I was naïve for thinking I can make 2 or 3 girlfriends at this school where the majority of students are girls. In my plan I was supposed to get my first girlfriend straight after I entered this school! His nickname is the “Perverted Glasses” and the “Three-size Scouter”. Seriously, seeing these two faces in the morning really makes me feel down. The books and DVDs which are being piled up on my desk have suggestive titles. ” A small scream comes from a girl far away from us. After all, something like this is happening in the morning.

Use F11 button to read novel in full-screen(PC only). Uggh……like I thought, the sunlight is giving me a hard time…… Only one group of good looking guys are popular and girls don’t even look at me. After that, I will have broken up with her and started dating a new girl and by the time I graduated, heaps of girls were supposed to fight over me in a Battle Royale! What I hear next from the girls are discriminating comments like “You guys are the worst~” and “Die, filthy brats”.

Drop by anytime you want to read free – fast – latest novel. Unlike at night, I become totally weak during the day. It’s a co-Ed school right now, but since it was a girl’s school until a couple of years ago, there are more girls than boys. To be more precise, they ignore me like trash lying on the floor.

It’s great if you could leave a comment, share your opinion about the new chapters, new novel with others on the internet. IF YOU DON'T WAKE UP I’M GOING TO K-KISS YOU……] “……Umm.” It’s an alarm clock which wakes you up with a tsundere voice, but it doesn’t have a function to wake up its owner from his bed. No matter how much I think about it, something is definitely wrong with my body. As the grade goes down, the number of boys increases, but there are still more girls than boys overall. The reason why I was able to pass the entrance exam for this school which is said to be really hard, is due to my perverted guts.

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