Harry styles and una healy dating

They were joined by the band’s hair stylist and her baby (who is seen being held by Taylor below).

Taylor’s last boyfriend was Conor Kennedy- who comes from the famous American political family- and they split a couple of months ago.

The Sun reports that the model's sister admitted to fancying the singer saying: "I want to sit on his lap. There is also a picture (below) of Taylor, Harry and Niall having a go at a Backstreet Boys number. Yesterday we couldn’t say they were an item but last tonight’s antics definitely suggest they are.They make a cute couple but I also think it won’t last long. Besides meeting backstage at the US X Factor and now in New York- when else have they managed to see each other?! The most shocking news is that One Directioners seem to approve of the relationship- perhaps because she’s a singer too. Usually they hate the object of the boys’ affections.I can’t see their relationship lasting very long- especially once he heads back to the UK. The boys have had an amazing few weeks in New York but they’re heading back to the UK now to be on The X Factor final this weekend.I reckon a lot of these antics will end up in their 3D movie which is coming out next year.

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