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The tour was a success on some levels, but commercially and financially it wasn't.

It cost us a lot of money." Still, numbers aren't everything, and one of Gilmore's favorite shows was in front of 10 people in Rockford, Illinois, a last-minute booking, replacing a canceled St. Even better, as far as Gilmore was concerned, were the two nights at the Club With No Name in L. The first night, Dogs D'Amour, obviously fed up with Wood's onstage antics, positioned their equipment to ensure that he would be unable to move around as much as he normally did. Using a wireless mike, not only did he take over the stage, he now had the entire club at his disposal.

Gilmore says, "It took six months for a contract to arrive, and when it did, it was from another label entirely.

When Geffen finally did make an offer, so had a lot of other labels." "We loved the band so much that we actually bought the Stardog label to get them," was how Poly Gram touted its new signing.

The outing would take them across the nation, and into Canada, before climaxing at Seattle's Oz on May 4th, where they headlined (Alice in Chains opened) to rave local reviews.

Gilmore recalls, "We played a lot of empty halls, because Dogs D'Amour didn't have much more of a draw than we did.

"I'd not played for so long, it was kind of weird dealing with it." More rehearsals followed over the next few days, until one afternoon after a practice, Regan Hagar showed up.

Gilmore was totally unaware that Hagar had also been playing with the group, but sensed that something was wrong: "All of a sudden everyone got real quiet." No one said a thing at the time, but eventually, Hagar learned the truth, as did Gilmore, who took virtually two months to realize he really was in the band. One suggestion was the Dum Dum Boys, taken from an Iggy Pop song.

This third session took place in June 1988, and featured versions of "Half-Assed Monkey Boy," "Stargazer," "Holy Roller," "Stardog Champion," "Chloe Dancer," "Capricorn Sister" and one new track, "Time Fade Away." In July, with Kelly Curtis in tow, MLB visited L. to meet with Geffen; returning home, they then invited Curtis to become their manager.Goldmine 8/20/93 Intrigue and Incest Pearl Jam and the Secret History of Seattle (part 2) by Jo-Ann Greene Mother Love Bone For the Lords of the Wasteland, everything was about to fall into place, as Greg Gilmore came walking up the street.He ran into Stone Gossard, who asked him if he wanted to come and jam with Jeff Ament, Bruce Fairweather, Andrew Wood and himself. Today, he describes Malfunkshun as a "psychedelic Kiss or Black Sabbath," adding that he remembers Andrew (and Hagar) from his days with 10 Minute Warning, "back when they were just little fans." For now, Gilmore's role was merely to help the rest learn the songs.Finally in September, MLB went back to Reciprocal and recorded yet another demo, debuting six new songs: "Bone China," "Captain Hightop," "Heartshine," "Crown Of Thorns," "Zanzibar" and "Red Hot Shaft." Meanwhile, their telephones were ringing off the hook.Somehow, one of their demos had found its way to a host of other record companies.

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