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Some of the regulars thought it should have been life, but rumor had it the guy grew up with J, so a year it was. His name was Aaron and he always seemed happy to see me when he came in. That staunched the flow of regulars bleeding out the door, and then a few started coming back. Then the local paper caught wind of it, wrote a little culture piece with interviews that applauded J's Gym for its "stand against the ubiquity and invasiveness of cell phone use in public places".

Just a nice guy who made a bad decision while his dick was hard. He had a nice piece and he took his time soaping up. J's smooth talking couldn't keep rumors from spreading that management didn't care that gay guys could take pictures of you in the showers without legal consequences. I'd come in some days and you'd think the place was closed. Desperate, J, the poor guy, instituted a cell phone ban. Membership began to tick up again, then the place got a reputation with a certain crowd and suddenly we had a new crop of regulars.

There was a fight, a smashed phone, and a couple black eyes, but since J knew everyone involved no charges were filed.

He gave the two muscle mountains six months free and the voyeur got a year ban.

I'll snap a few pictures for them in an out of the way spot and maybe let them sneak a few of their own.

There are still slow days, though, especially around the holidays.

Christmas eve and the night before Thanksgiving are usually dead.

The college empties out and the townies start their drinking and eating and almost no one wants to spend time on an elliptical. I get some pleasure reading in, J pays me extra, and we usually close early anyway.

He had a party to get to, the place was empty, and it was snowing. "All you have to do is lock the other door after you hit the lights." He over handed the keys at me. I don't have time to show you how it works and I open on Friday anyway." He winked at me. Eric puffed out his chest, fired up his best bro voice, and gave me double finger guns. "Stress relief package next time we close together, alright?

Between the two of us we decided that no one else was coming in. "Our little secret." I tossed the keys on the counter in front of me. Now I gotta go." I smiled, tossed him his coat from the peg beside the cell phone rack.

"Just saw one guy heading into the showers," Eric said, rounding the corner from the back room. "J would kill me if he found out I left without setting the alarm. "Tell Cherie I said hi." "Fuck you," he said, pulling his coat on as he walked to the door.

As part time jobs go, working at the front desk of a gym isn't bad.

The place is near campus, I can work around my classes, and the owner, J (short for Jim, which doesn't work for obvious reasons), doesn't mind if I do my homework.

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