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Begin by choosing the perfect profile photo to display to other singles.

Chicken egg dilemma in multi-sided platforms Many investment decks I receive every day are from startups that aims to create multi-sided platforms.

You just have to look down the page to see our other results.

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Without publicity, Hashable’s private user base grew by itself to more than 5,000 members before the app officially launched.

How does a new site like Hashable get past the chicken dilemma, when others can’t?

My British friends here in Istanbul all rushed to OK Cupid when we moved here, and not a one of them met any men who were honestly looking for a relationship.

First of all we can distinguish three cases of users entry in multi-sided platform: In all cases, however, platform growth is not sustainable until the platform reaches critical mass.

Therefore the key challenge for new platforms is figuring out ways to reach critical mass quickly.

Micro-blogging platform Tumblr began as a nonthreatening way to keep an online journal.

What made Tumblr really take off were social features like following and reblogging, but those features came well after Tumblr had a large following itself.

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