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Some days I’ll feel like dressing like a skater girl; some days I’ll be more chic and dolled up and girly girl, so it’s really how I’m feeling when I wake up that day. I love Giuseppe, Jimmy Choo; I love Chanel obviously; I love Balmain, Givenchy, all of the dope brands. In the song, I say, 'looking so fly I’m tied with the sky,' so the song is about looking your best, looking fly and it’s not really only about the big brand names, it’s about being a fashionable, in style girl. I feel like growing up bicoastal, every time I would come to New York when I was little, that’s when I got more into it.You’re walking trough the city and passing so many boutiques and brands.I like that, too, because then I can be different and not just wearing what everybody else is wearing. Part of the reason is--I’ll just be honest--I get a little bit insecure about my eyes.I noticed you're almost always wearing sunglasses in interviews and videos... I feel like when I smile my eyes get really small; I don't know why I hate it. Actually in the video [for ' Karl'], I dress up like Karl, and I literally look like Karl Lagerfeld.Cut to about a month later, and we're sitting at The Smile with the pint-sized and absolutely delightful Chanel, who was looking California laid back sans extensions in a loose-fitting tank, shorts and Giuseppe Zannotti wedge sneakers.

My mom is actually a heavy metal rock chick--I grew up listening to a lot of rock music, and my dad is a DJ from here in New York.

I grew up with skater kids, I skateboard myself, so he’s more into the skater fashion and that laid-back style, so I don’t really see him talking about fashion very much, but I definitely know that he respects it. She’s an amazing seamstress; she designs everything herself.

Especially being a small petite girl, it’s hard to find stuff that fits, so it's great having her because she’s going to be custom designing everything for me.

And with a name like Chanel West Coast and a song about Karl Lagerfeld, rest assured that she'll be working a fashion-y angle into her image.

As huge fans of Karl, we had to know more about the song and the petite white female rapper behind it.

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