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What does talking about ourselves in this way actually say about us?

Also, this post is quite long since I put in a slight review of the salon I went to. If you're just interested in how my hair looks like, just scroll all the way down to the section titled 'Living with Curls'.

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Sorry it took so long, because there were so many events in between that I wanted to write about first.

Here's the post about my hair that I promised way back in December.

I often run out of 'cool' things to say to update people of my status.

Honestly, I wasn't totally wowed by my hair initially.

If you're interested in 99 Percent Hair Studio, you can check out their Facebook page here. That's like one of the longest time I've ever spent in a salon.

99 Percent HS is not cheap in my opinion, but at least I'm really happy with my experience there. Thus it was lucky that I had a good experience there.

It was also nice that my friend came along as she wanted to get her hair coloured. I go for rebonding every now and then to get my hair tamed. It took some effort to convince my mum before she gave me the green light to go ahead. It's located in Haji Lane itself, so if you're waiting for your hair colour to set in, you can always go out and shop for a while. I booked Fion since her skills are highly reviewed!

Thus we had each other for entertainment, even though it did get boring at times. My mum prefers the silky straight hair look, so I've never really gone for a perm. 'Won't a perm be better since my hair roots grow out curly/wavy? I booked an appointment at 1pm (11 Dec) with the salon, but ended up reaching later. Anyway, I told Fion that I wanted to perm my hair and maybe even colour it if possible. On a side note, the shampoo smells really gooooood.

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